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Here I am - a free spirit from the village of Sundom. I can never get enough of long walks, sunsets, that sound of the crackling fire at the summer house, and dancing. Early on, I realized that art would be a big part of my journey. 

My first stop was the theatre. Something about inhabiting a character fascinated me. It gave me the opportunity to look at life through the eyes of others. The need to tell stories came with age - to be able to have an impact and inspire new thoughts about life and society.

Starting to tell my own stories was an organic extension of that. I learnt to play the guitar and added music to my poetry.

I wanted to shine a light on human vulnerability and complexity, but also sing about the comical and absurd. Humour is very close to my heart. I love improvising – the art of the instant moment.

I am currently the chairman of the Arts in Malakta – association. Through Malakta I have had the opportunity to make several inspiring connections with people within different art forms. Facing the world, and co-operating with people outside of my comfort zone, always spurs growth. As an example, I started working with photographer Patricia Rodas and soundartist Dråsa for 3 years ago, which resulted in the project KINTSUGI - Artfilms about loss. This website outlines all my projects in different fields.

A warm welcome!

Curriculum Vitae
Photo: Tiina Puharinen-Finne
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