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Curriculum Vitae
ART_ KINTSUGI, Artfilms about loss, Krop


The project includes the films The Light, The Body,  Mamma and the soundpiece The Healing song.

The films deal with loss. The moment when everything falls apart, when you drown in emotions and you do not know how to carry on. The process of healing and the acceptance of your new life.

The films are based upon texts by Susanne Marins and the music she created together with Dråsa during the summer of 2017 and 2018. After this a close collaboration started with the photographer Patricia Rodas.


 Welcome on this journey. Now it is yours. In the beginning is was mine. My pain that I had to do something with. Then it turned into a collaboration with two people that gave me so much that suddenly the project changed shape and became one of healing. The theme affected all of us in different ways, everyone brought their own experiences and put their soul into the project. We allowed intuition to lead us and often nature turned out to be the main director.                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Susanne Marins

Curriculum Vitae
The Healing Song
00:00 / 01:50
Kintsugi Online Edition 2021 - Artist Talk
00:00 / 35:28

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Mamma, 2019

work in progress/ production, 2017-19


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